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Kumudvan is two miles west of Talvan, which is presently called by the name Kudaravan. The kund here is called by different names as Kumudini kund, Padma kunda or Vihar kund. While herding the cows, Shri Krishna, Shri Balram and the cowherd boys wandered throughout this delightful place. Shri Krishna Himself sported in this kund with the cowherd boys and with sweet words He would summon the cows to the bank of the pond by exclaiming, “Tiri tiri!” and then with “Chun-Chun!” He would tell them to drink water. The boys decorated each other with garlands made of kumudini flowers. Sometimes Krishna hid from His sakhas, unseen by them, He sported in the water here with Radhika, Lalita, Vishakha and other Gopis. There is currently a deity of Shri Kapiladev on the bank of this kund. Lord Kapila worshipped Shri Krishna at this place.


Krishna and his friends would come and play in this forest. Kumud means “water-lilies”. During Krishna’s time, beautiful water lilies grew here. Kumud is a bright red flower that used to grow in abundance here and that is why this forest got the name Kumudvan. This is the smallest of the 12 forests. It has a parikrama of 1 km (1 mile).In the Kumudvan forest on the bank of Padma kunda, is a small temple dedicated to Lord Kapila. He performed austerities here during Treta-yuga. According to the Varaha Purana if one takes bath in Padma-Kunda he acquires all the knowledge of the Vedic literature. The Kapila temple is very small (8 feet by 8 feet) with a small Deity of Kapila about a foot high. This temple is about 10 feet from the kunda.