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In the Bhadravana forest the cowherd boys would enjoy wrestling. There is Bhadrisvara Siva Temple here, which was established by Vajranabha. This forest is 35 km from Mathura and it is has a parikrama of 6 km.

It is one of the places where Sri Krsna and Sri Balarama go to graze the cows. The forest of Bhadravana is named after Sri Balabhadra (Balarama).

Places of darsana here are Bhadra-sarovara and Gocarana-sthala.


yajna-snana svarupaya rajyakhanda-prade

tirtharaja namas-tubhyam bhadrakhya sarase namah

Bhavisya Purana (Uttara-khanda)

“O Bhadra-sarovara, O Tirtharaja, my greetings to you. You are the personification of sacrifices (yajnas), and you bestow that post that is never destroyed (akhanda rajyapada).”

That person who bathes in this sarovara obtains unlimited wealth and enjoyment, and is finally successful in attaining premabhakti to Sri Krsna and Sri Baladeva.