Cakrapani Temple


Cakrapani temple is dedicated to Sudarshana-chakra, the disk of Lord Vishnu, used for killing demonic elements. Vishnu holds in His hands four symbols: conchshell and louts flower used for blessings to pious and club and disc for killing demons. His disc is called Sudarshana (literally “auspicious vision”), because it sees all miscreants in the same way and doesn’t discriminate between small or great demons. All are getting Sudarshana’s mercy. All light sources and illuminating objects like Sun and Moon are reflecting the rays of Sudarshana-chakra. Sudarshana’s light enable us to distinguish one thing from the other, good and evil and therefore it is related to knowledge and transcendental wisdom. In Bhagavad-gita and other scriptures we can read phrases like “the torchlight of knowledge” and “sword of detachment” and this connection with Sudarshana-chakra can bring us better understanding of those phrases.

Chakrapani Swami