Brahma Sarovar

Lord Brahma is said to have created the earth here. During solar eclipses hundreds of thousands of pilgrims come to take a holy dip in Brahma Sarovar, observing an ancient tradition. The beautiful Brahma Sarovar is larger than the other lakes in the area and is well maintained by the Kurukshetra Development Board. It has become the center of interest for pilgrims coming to Kurukshetra. This is a huge lake the size of 5 football stadiums put together where people do “Pitr tarpan” for the betterment of the souls of their dead near and dear. Performing pitr tarpan on the day of Amavasya is considered to be very auspicious. A lot of people come to take bath there on that day. There are so many temples situated along a strip of land extending right into the middle of the huge pond including a huge beautiful black chariot with Krishna and Arjuna.

Among the holiest of water tanks in India, the Brahma Sarovara is an important place to visit in Kurukshetra. This is a vast water body. In the centre of the tank stands the Sarveshwar Mahadev Temple looking like a lotus. The eastern section of the tank is 1800 feet long and 1500 feet wide while the western section is a square of 1500 feet length and 1500 feet breadth. The tank is 15 feet deep. This large water body is edged with 20 feet wide platforms, stairs and a 40 feet wide `parikarma’. In this section, a number of meditation chambers have been built for the convenience of pilgrims. A dip in the Sarovar bears the sanctity of performing Ashwamedha Yajna. The months of November and December are the time when migratory birds flock around Brahma Sarovar and add an exhilarating environmental setting to the sanctity of the place. The tank lies about 3 km from the railway station. A number of temples lie in close vicinity of this holy water body.

On the northern banks of Brahma Sarovar sits a Radha-Krishna temple of the Gaudiya Math. The Gaudiya Math temple was built by His Divine Grace Shrila Bhaktisiddhant Saarswati Thakur Prabhupad to commemorate the reunion between Radha and Krishna that took place at Kurukshetra five thousand years ago.