A History in Names

Melukote has been known by different names in the course of time. These are the most prominent ones:

Narayanadri Narayana Hill.
Vedadri Veda Hill. The avatar Dattatreya instructed His disciples in the Vedas here.
Yadavadri Yadu Hill.Krsna and Balarama, of the Yadu dynasty, worshiped the Lord here in Dvapara-yuga.
Tirunarayanapura The abode of Sri Narayana.
Bhulokavaikuntha The abode of Lord Visnu on earth.
Vaikunthavardhana Ksetra The place that increases the population of Lord Visnu's abode.
Jnanamantapa The pavilion of knowledge.
Daksina Badarikasrama The southern Badrinath (a holy place in the Himalayas).
Doddagarudanahalli The abode of elite warriors.
Doddagurugalahalli The abode of the great teacher (Ramanuja).