A Description of Radharani’s Exquisite Beauty

Radha-Krishna-gonaddesha-dipika by Srila Rupa Goswami provides the verses that describes Radha’s transcendental beauty. ‘She wears a radiant blue garment and Her splendid bodily luster appears like molten gold, stationary lightning, or the yellow pigment called gorocana. Her face is as splendid and clear as millions of full-moons. Her large lotus-like eyes are lined with black mascara and reach back almost to Her ears, their beauty is incomparable to anything within the three worlds. Her amorous side-long glances can cause even the Lord of creation to tremble and swoon. Her luxuriant black hair reaches down past Her waist and is beautifully braided and decorated with forest flowers, while wisps of curling locks adorn Her enchanting forehead, which bears the sign of great majesty and is anointed with red kunkum. Her long bow-shaped brows are capable of firing deadly arrows of amorous desire towards Her beloved. Her exquisitely shaped nose is as beautiful as a sesame flower and decorated with a radiant moon-like pearl. Her nectar-like lips defeat the red lotus flowers in full bloom, while decorated with an enchanting smile of unfathomable love for Her beloved Lord. Her teeth appear like perfect rows of shining white pearls. The beauty of Her delicately sculptured chin defeats even the god of love, leaving him in bewilderment – being decorated with a droplet of musk, Her chin appears as if a baby bee is drinking nectar from a golden lotus flower. Her delicately shaped ears which are perfectly attuned to hear the enchanting song of the transcendental flute are adorned with glittering earrings. Marked with lines of divine beauty, Her slender neck smeared with exotic scent is decorated with a necklace of the finest pearls. Covered with a shimmering bodice, Her perfectly raised breasts resemble water-pots filled with nectar. Her slender waist enchants the heavens and Her naval is as deep as the ocean. Her waist is beautified with three exquisite folds and adorned with a fine jeweled girdle of tinkling bells. Her long slender arms, decorated with gem-encrusted armlets and jeweled bracelets, appear like golden creepers longing to embrace Her beloved Lord. Her exquisitely shaped hands resemble two pink lotus flowers illuminated by a series of shining moons that are Her fingernails, and Her elegantly formed fingers bear many fabulous jeweled rings. Beneath Her radiant blue dress, Her curvaceous hips and plantain like thighs have completely defeated the god of love, who now lies unconscious on the ground. Her knees are like golden balls perfectly balanced upon finely tapered legs. Her ankles are adorned with golden ankle-bells that caress Her delicately formed lotus-feet and jingle melodiously as She moves. Her exquisitely shaped toes are adorned with golden rings and Her divine lotus-feet, that are decorated with red javaka, are the only shelter of pure devotees. Radharani’s lotus-like hands are marked with many auspicious signs including; a crescent-moon, lotus, parasol, stambha, conch-shell, earring, sacred-tree, flower, bumblebee, chamara, and a swastika. Her lotus feet are marked with many auspicious signs including; a conch-shell, a moon, an elephant, elephant-goad, barley-corn, a flag, drum, fish, and swastika’.