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The temple of Samudra Narayana sits where the Gomati River, one of the important holy rivers of India, reaches the sea in the town of Dwarka. Samudra Narayana is Krishna's expansion as Lord Narayana lying on the Garbhodaka Ocean. This old temple is the only temple of Samudra Narayana anywhere in the world.

Samudra Narayana

Samudra Narayana Temple

Bet Dwarka
Thirty kilometers up the road from Dwarka is a village named Okha, which most people go to simply to take the pleasant twenty-minute boat ride to Bet Dwarka. Bet is the Gujarati word for “island.” On this island sits an old Dwarkadhisa temple. People here are proud of Bet Dwarka, even saying that it is the “Real Dwarka.”
Krishna Marries 16,108 queens – Amazing stories.

Marriage with Rukmini 

Excerpts from a talk by Radhanath Swami.
I would like to explain briefly about Lord Sri Krishna’s marriage to the Queens of Dwarka. As we were explaining at Gopi Talao Lords Sri Krishna did not went to engage in warfare with Jarasandh. But rather he was willing to accept the reputation of cowherd as Ranchor, one who ran from the battle and also he was willing to let the demons think that he as defeated and killed being burnt in the mountain and the great acharyas explain the reason for this is he wanted to rush back to Dwarka for a very special reason. So one day when he was in His Sudharma Assembly House a messanger came from the city of Vidarbha. It was a message from a beautiful Queen of Bhismaka whose name was Rukmini. Rukmini when she was very young Narad Muni came to the kingdom and with devotion he glorified the oppolunce of Sri Krishna. Upon hearing this her heart was awakened with his natural eternal lover for Sri Krishna. Rukmini Devi is an expansion of Srimati Radharani. She is the Supreme Goddess of Fortune and it is explained that Srimati Radharani expanded in the form of Rukmini to be always in the loving service of heR beloved Sri Krishna, Sri Dwarkadish. So Sri Rukmini Devi upon hearing the glories of the Lord naturally fell in love with Krishna. Although we may not be of this tattva of the Goddess of fortune but it is a fact that every spirit soul, every jiva atma has dormant within its heart love for Krishna. And by hearing Krishna’s glories from a pure devotee of the lord that natural inclination to surrender to Krishna, love Krishna is awakened. So Rukmini Devi fixed her mind on Krishna and vowed within her heart that she would accept no one as her husband except the son of Vasudev.
Meanwhile King Bhishmak who was also favorable for Rukmini to marry Krishna, but her brother, elder brother Rukhmi was a dear friend of Sishupal and as you know Shishupal was a worst enemy and was born shortly after it was prophesized that Krishna would be the source of his death. So ever since that he was completely envious. In fact when Shishupal first began to speak the first sound out of his mouth was like a braying of an ass insulting Krishna and he never stopped his blasphemy throughout his life.
Anyways Rukhmi wanted her sister Rukmini to marry Sishupal and because he was the eldest son the father and all the other brothers they all agreed. So the wedding date was set. Shishupal was maddened infatuated with lust. Of course we should know that no materialistic demonic person like Shishupal can possibly perceive Rukmini as she is, but it was factually the Maya expansion of Rukmini which he was seeing. he could not perceive the true Rukmini. She was covered by curtain of Maya illusion and we should know that the Goddess of fortune nobody except Krishna can look upon her totally on the motive of Divine love and only those who are pure servants of Krishna assisting Him in his loving affairs of Krishna can see how She is.
So Rukmini she was in desperate condition and this messenger read this letter to Krishna and said  that tomorrow morning I am scheduled to marry Sishupal, but my heat , my mind is always longing only for you. If any one but YOU my Lord Krishna take my hand I would certainly commit suicide. And she glorifies Krishna with so many beautiful loving prayers and she explains if my Lord if YOU so desire to save my life and give me your intimate mercy, that mercy which Brahma, Shiva and great Sages are always longing for, so this is my plan. In my palace if You try to take me away YOU will have to fight with my family members. But just before the wedding ceremony in the morning, this is our family tradition that I must go to the temple of Ambika or Paravati and worship her. As I am coming out Shishupal and all of  because still the messenger had not returned and there was no sign of Krishna coming and there was only minutes remaining before the ceremony was to begin. Meanwhile Krishna took his chariot driver Daruka and his horses and he rode for Vidarbha. And when Balaram heard this news he also brought a large army of Yadavas and followed behind Krishna, Maharaj Bhismak when he heard that Lord Sri Krishna had come to attend the wonderful wedding between Rukmini and Shishupal he went to the city limits to great Him and give Him wonderful accommodation. Meanwhile Rukmini went to the temple of Ambika. She bowed down before Mother Parvati and prayed to let all my austerities, all my tapasaya and all my religious activities throughout my life culminate my dear mother and in allowing Krishna to take me away from this place and accept my hand in marriage. And as she was leaving the temple Shishupal was waiting for her anxiously and along with him were Jarasandha and Shalva and all other demonic friends of his form all over the world. Rukmini was being escorted to the place of marriage ceremony and just before she approached Shishupal, Krishna came driving upon His chariot, took her hand and lifted hew on to the Chariot and started driving away. And when Shishupal and his friends when they saw this they were furious with anger and they all attacked Krishna. But Krishna defeated all of them and they had to flee for their lives.
Meanwhile the armies of the others began to attack and Balaram with His armies was defeating all of them and Sri Krishna drove up with Rukmini. But Rukmini upon seeing Shishupal, Jarasandha, Salva and company defeated by Sri Krishna he made a vow, I will never return to my village, my kingdom unless I kill Krishna. So with this vow he went chasing after Krishna and challenged Krishna, began to shoot arrows at Krishna. Krishna easily defeated him. he was about to kill him, but Krishna saw that Rukmini, She naturally loved her brother, would gave been very disturbed in mind if she were to see her brother dead. So Krishna, he bound him, captured him and did to him something that was worst than death. For a Kshatriya to be humiliated is more painful that death itself. So he shaved Rukmi’s hari in certain way with patches of hair and patched of no hair all over the place, in such a way that he looked very foolish and then with insulting words he let him loose. Rukhmi was very much upset, he was devastated. But meanwhile Krishna brought Rukmini back to Dwarka and there was a wonderful, wonderful marriage ceremony. This was the first Queen of Sri Krishna and the place where Rukmini’s palace was, is said to be just here on this island. 
Marriage with Jambavati and Satyabhama 
 “ While Krishna was living happily with Rukmini in the beautiful city of Dwarka, one day a great king of the name Satrajit came to the city. Satrajit was the devotee of the Sun God Vivasavan, who gave him a beautiful jewel called the Shamantaka. Whoever wore this jewel would be free from diseases and danger and also it is 


explained that when Satrajit came into Dwarka his body was effulgent and people thought he was the Sun God himself and they went and reported to Krishna, Vivasvan the Sung God has come to meet you. Krishna said, this is Satrajit who has received the valuable Shamantaka jewel. This Shamantaka jewel who ever owed it was able to receive from that jewel 170 pounds of pure solid gold every day. So when Satrajit came before Krishna, Krishna knowing that this material opulence was actually a great burden. Attachment to material opulence although in the beginning is like pleasure but in the end it is like bitter poison. So for Satrajit’s own sake Krishna said that he should give this jewel to Ugrasen the king, the best things to be offered to the King. But Satrajit was too much attached to is said that I will keep it to myself.
Anyways one day Prasena the brother of Satrajit took that jewel and wore around his neck and went in to the forest. There a lion killed his horses killed him and took the jewel. As the lion was walking away with the jewel he came across Jambavan, that ancient associate of Lord Ramchandra, Riksharaj, who killed the lion and took the jewel into his cave. In the cave he gave the jewel to his little son. Anyways when Prasena did not come back Satrajit began to spread rumors that because Krishna wanted this jewel he has done something to my brother and he has stolen the jewel and the people of Dwarka, even though they were such great celebrated personalities even they were victim to rumors. We can see how terrible gossip and rumors are especially when they are against great personalities that even the inhabitants of Dwarka, fell victim to starting to believe to suspect Krishna. So Krishna knowing that peoples love and appreciation for Him was their means of perfection, so he wanted to clear His name. So he took an entourage f His associates to the forest to search for the Shamantaka jewel and he found Prasena dead and he walked on further and saw the lion dead and he walked on further following the footprints in the cave and there he saw a little child playing with the Shamantaka jewel and just as Krishna was about to take it  away the nurse of the child began to cry Jambavan please come someone is going to steal the jewel from your baby. And Jambavan came charging out and he challenged this thief to a fight and they began to beat each other and beat each other and beat each other. It was such a fight that day and night without sleep 24 hours a day for 28 days they were fighting.
Meanwhile after 12 days the associates of Lord Sri Krishna considered that Krishna must be dead. They were waiting outside of the cave according to Krishna instructions and they went back to Dwarka and to explain to everyone that Krishna never came back. he went into a cave and he never came out. So the inhabitants of Dwarka you can imagine how much they were lamenting the loss of their beloved Sri Krishna who was their life and their soul. After 28 days of this great fight Jambavan realized that no one but the Supreme Personality of Godhead could stand up against me in battle. So YOU must be my beloved Ram Himself, YOU must be the Supreme Lord Narayana and then he surrendered at the feet of Sri Krishna and Krishna with His loving hand put it around the body of Jambavan and relived him of all the pain and anxiety. And Jambavan was so grateful in ecstatic love to be in the darshan of Lord Sri Krishna that he offered Him the Shamantaka jewel as a gift. But he also offered his own beloved daughter who was a jewel amongst the women. This Shamantak jewel was nothing compared to the jewel of this beautiful child that he raised. She was none other than the Goddess of Fortune herself and her name was Jambavati. So Jambavan offered that Krishna accept her hand in marriage. So Krishna brought her back to Dwarka ant there was a beautiful wonderful wedding ceremony of the second wife of Sri Krishna.
When he returned Satrajit was feeling very embarrassed that he was spreading all these rumors about Krishna which were untrue and he felt that he had committed a great offence. So in order to atone for his offence he offered his own daughter of the name Satyabhama to Lord Sri Krishna and She became His third queen. ”
Marriage with Mitravinda , Kalindi, Naganjiti, Bhadra and  Laxmana –
It is explained that there was a beautiful princess of the name Mitravinda and Mitravinda, her brothers were dear friends of Duryodhana and she decided that she wanted Krishna and only Krishna to be her husband, upon hearing His glories. And Krishna knew this. She was praying form the core of her heart that Krishna take her hand in marriage, but the brothers they would not accept. Due to his association with Duryodhana they were against Krishna. They considered Him an enemy. So during her Swayamvara ceremony where great princes from all around the world they would come to win the hand of the daughter and Krishna just stole her away and brought her to Dwarka to become His queen. An on another occasion Krishna was visiting Hastinapur and with Arjuna one day they went into the forest and they came to the beautiful river Yamuna and they went to drink water to refresh themselves. At that time from behind in the forest they saw a beautiful beautiful beautiful princess walking all alone. Krishna told Arjuna please ask this beautiful damsel who she is and why she is unescorted in the middle of this jungle. So Arjuna went back to enquiry and she said, My name is Kalindi and I am the daughter of Surya the Sun God , my brother is Yamaraj, and I have been for many, many. many long years in my abode under this river in the Jamuna performing  tapasya to get Krishna as my husband. he is the Supreme Lord, the master of the Universe and the object of all my affection and love. I will go on doing tapasya until Krishna accepts my hand in marriage. So Arjuna went back and explained this to Lord Krishna and Krishna took Kalindi and placed her on His chariot and brought her back to Dwarka and she became another of the wonderful Queen of Dwarkadish.
There was a swayamwara ceremony held by one king of the name Nagnajit and his daughter whose name was Satya and sometimes she was also called Naganajiti, she also fixed her heart of having Krishna as her husband. And Nagnajit also was very anxious that only Krishna be her husband. But as it was a custom in their tradition there had to be a swayamwara ceremony and the person who could defeat all the others only could have her hand in marriage. So he arranged this swayamwara in such a way that only Krishna could win. he found 7 terrible, terrible violent bulls. They were so strong so much ferocious that no once could even approach them. And he challenged that to have this daughter Satya as your queen you must defeat all the 7 bulls simultaneously. So many great princes, warriors and heroes came but their head and their limbs and their bones were broken to pieces then they approached the formidable bulls. Then Krishna came and when he came he spoke to king Nagnajit, that you know amongst the Yadus either you give us the Queen or we take them generally we do not take part in all these challenges. And Nagnajit said if You do this You will easily defeat all these 7 bulls and then Yours name will be glorified forever. So please…. And Krishna said All right and he approached the bulls and he expanded Himself into 7 forms simultaneously and when he expanded into 7 forms, all 7 forms and each form easily defeated the bull, tied it with ropes and then Krishna became one form again and began to pull all the bulls like child would pull a toy and they were just completely under his control. It is explained by the Acharyas, why Krishna expanded into 7 forms. he could have done it one form But he wanted to prove to Satya that if you become My queen, although I already have many other queens you should know that you would never be lonely and I can expand Myself to be with all of you simultaneously. Then She became very satisfied and then there was a very wonderful, wonderful wedding ceremony. Krishna married Nagnijiti and king Nagnajit gave a beautiful dowry and They returned to Dwarka. There was also a beautiful princess of the name Bhadra. Bhadra was the daughter of some of Krishna’s cousins and they very much wanted Krishna to take her hand in marriage. And so with great devotion they requested and Krishna accepted Bhadra and the eight queen was Laxmana. Krishna also stole her from the swayamwara ceremony and took her away to Dwarka. So these principal 8 Queens, they all lived here in Byet Dwarka with Krishna in beautiful, beautiful places which put to shame even the palace of Indra the king of heavens.
Krishna Marries 16,100 princesses 
“ One day a messenger came. The Demigods were approaching Krishna. That there was agreat asura of the name Bhaumasura, also named Narakasura and he had stolen the Umbrella of Varuna, he stole the earrings of the mother of the demigods Aditi and he had put to shame the Devatas. So they were requesting Sri Krishna to defeat this terrible demon and retrieve their royal property. So Krsa took his queen Satyabhama and asked her to join His on His Gaurda carrier, and from Dwarka they flew to the city of Bhaumasura which was a formidable city. It was surrounded round on all sides with huge big walls and loads of deep water and electric wires and there was also terrible demon of the name Mura with his sons and his armies who were protecting that city. So Krishna on Gaurda with His Sudarshan Chakra and His arrows he destroyed all the protected walls, he destroyed all the electric wirings, he crossed over the modes, at that time he defeated most s of Bhaumasura’s armies. Mura approached. he was very angry. he began to scream. he had 5 heads and as he screamed that shrill filed all directions and he attacked Krishna and there was a wonderful fight. But ultimately Krishna severed all of his 5 heads with His chakra and Mura fell into the water. Then after battling and defeating al of Bhamasura’s armies, Bhaumasura came himself to fight. he was a great and powerful mystic. But ultimately by the great power of the Lord he severed his head with His charka and killed Bhaumasura. When he entered into the kingdom of Bhaumsura to retrieve…Ah I am sorry… The mother of Bhaumusura the earth personified, she approached Krishna and she gave Krishna the earrings to Krishna and the umbrella of Varuna and al of the other property of the demigods. There is an interesting story to Bhaumasura.
Bhaumasura was actually the son of Krishna. When Lord Varaha Dev appeared and lifted the earth from water, he impregnated mother earth and Bhauma was the child. And he was a great devotee of the Lord and he was a very pious and perfect human being. But somehow or the other he fell into bad association and it is explained in all the scriptures that even great personalities, the power of association is so much that they can lose their intelligence. Therefore the most important principle for spiritual advancement “Mahatsevam dwaram………..sangi sangam”  To associate with devotees and to avoid the association, intimate association of those who are too much materialistic. Ajamil was a also a great devotee of the Lord, but by associating with low class people he became a terrible sinner. In the same way Bhaumusura due to bad association became a terrible, powerful demon. And Krishna he personally wanted to kill His own family member just to show that His devotees are not people who simply take birth according to their blood relations with Him. Everything is based on our devotion. We find even today that there are many class goswamis who claim their position because of their birth. This is a Nityanand Vamsa, there is Advaita Vamsa who claim to be the descendants of these great personalities. And also many of the temples of Vrindavan and other places there are goswami class who are of same blood line of the original pujaris of these temples. But Krishna wants us to show that he cares nothing for your birth or relationship. he is concerned with your devotion, with the quality of your consciousness and even if he were His won son he would kill you if you are demonic. So Bhaumasura was killed and Krishna found when he was searching through his kingdom that there were 16100 queens, princesses that he had captured during his battles, and they had been in there as his kidnapped property for many many years and they were helpless. And in their complete helplessness they were simply form their core of their hearts they were meditating on Krishna, on the Supreme Personality of Godhead that only You can save us. And when Krishna released them they were all thinking within their heart that Krishna You are our life and soul. You are our only object of love and affection, You are our everything. So even though they were silently praying this way, Krishna the Lord within everyone’s heart could understand their thought told them that I would take all of you to Dwarka and make you all my queens.  So Krishna arranged 16100 beautiful chariots, with an entourage for each and every one of them, royal entourage and they all marched into Dwarka together and there was a wonderful, wonderful wedding ceremony for all of them with Krishna and Krishna built 16100 palaces here in Dwarka and lived with all his queens and each one of His queen was thinking Krishna was only with me.

Temple at Bet Dwaraka

Gopi Talao 

About halfway to Bet Dvärakä and five kilometers off the main road is Gopi Tallav, the pond where Kåñëa met with the gopés, His cowherd girlfriends from Våndävana. This sacred spot is the source of gopé-candana, a clay that Kåñëa's devotees use to decorate their foreheads. 
“When Krishna came to Dwarka the gopis of Vrindavan, they were very confused because althought in Vrindavan they were always getting some message from Mathura of what Krishna was doing and how he was doing and that was a solace of their life and not only Him but the whole dynasty of the Yadavas and the Vrishnis without saying anything to anyone they left Mathura and came to Dwarka.
 So Krishna as supersoul in everyones heart could understand the feeling of the gopies and the place where you are sitting today is a very auspicious and holy place. It is described in the Garg Samhita and the Skanda Purana by Pralhad Maharaj as well as in the Padma purna the glories of this particular holy place. Krishna was feeling that the gopis  were so much disorientated since he left Mathura and he was also feeling such a longing in his heart to be reunited to meet the gopis. So he sent Udhava along with Yogamaya to Vrindava. And he had Yogmaya while the gopis were sleeping at night he had them transferred  to a beautiful palace which was just close to  here and when they woke up in the palace it was dark and the gopis they had never lived in a palace before.They were simple coweherd  girls  they did not know where they were and they were looking every were for a door to get out. But they could not find the dwar so they started caling “Dwar Kaha, Dwar Kaha”.–where is the door Kaha means Where so that is how this place attained the name Dwarka. It was named by the gopis  and alas Krishna appeared to them and brought them to this area where there was a beautiful kund that was made by Maydanav and the gopis were so happy at seeing the beauty of this kund and Krishna came to be with them and the gopis said that we want a special kund better than this just for you and at that time by Krishna’s divine arrangement this kund was made and then Krishna and the gopis entered in this kund and they began bathing together and they had many wonderful water sports, splashing on one another and playing so many pleasurable and wonderful  leelas in the water together and it is descrbied that the gopis decided that they wanted to bath Krishna personally while he was in the waters and previously  Brahma had put a Chanda –Gopichanda on Krishna which was permanent and when the gopies  bathed Him that gopichandan  came out into the waters and sunk to the botton, and since then it said that  the Chandan of lake this in its raw natural form is decotared with a chakra- the disc , the gada- the club, the kamla -the lotus and the shanka- the counshell and when we go inside the pandit will so us the raw  gopi chandna when we split it open and it is direclty for here and unmixed these signs  of Vishnu are in each piece.
So for many days Krishna and the gopis they had wondferul pastime here and in the evenings they would have the Rasaleela on the banks of this Gopi Taloa. Some People say that after Krishna left the planet that the gopis came here to drown themselves but there is no shastra, but we have seen that they have confirmed this. This a common story that people tell. But according to the shastra after Krishna killed Dantavakra in Mathura at that time he came into Vrindavan, (this is after the battle of Kurukshetra) and at that time he brought all of the residents of Vrindava directly back to Goloka Vrindavan .But this is a very special holy place because this is the place where the gopis and Krnsa met to bath in this beautiful lake and this is place throughout the entire world from where gopi chandan comes from. Srila Prabhupada explains, all bonafied gopi chandan must come form this lake alone and people from Mathura and people form Varansai they come and they bring  buckets and buckets and buckets and buckets back to their places and they dry it and mix it with other mud and then they sell it as gopi chandan. 
It is explained in the Puranas and the skand purans the glories of gopi chandan, That the mud form this lake where Krishna and the gopis had their wonderrul  water leelas that by placing the mud of this lake upon once body it as good as bath in the Ganges. It is as good as going to many many—all holy place of pilgirmeage. You are all fortunate to be in this in very very extraordinary and mystical holy place. There is a beautiful deity of Gopinath in the temple.This time we will all go there to take the Darshan of Gopinathji and come back and take charnarmrit fm gopi talao and also we would like to  go …I think we do not have time anyone who want to bath he cant take 5 min to bath but you can go an take nice mud. And inside he arranges all of his gopi chandan for us.And collect …..Correct And Devamrit prabhu is reminding  us ..
At  the time of Krishna leela in Dwarka Devaki approached Krishna one day and said although I gave you birth as mother I never had the wonderful fortune of seeing  your bal-leela because you came when you were about 12 yrs old and mother Yashoda had the good fortune to see. I want to see that beautiful form of Yours as a Little child stealing butter. So Krishna became a little child and he had a stick which is used for churning the butter and he was holding a rope which is used to fril that sick and Devaki was so much happy to see that form and Rukmini happened to see that form of bal- gopla of Virndivan. So she approached Krishna and she said that Please I want to worship you in that form. I have not seen such a beautiful all attractive form as that. So Krishna manifested Hinself as a Murthy as Bal- gopla and Rukmini worhiped that deity in the most private confidential temple of her palace and after Sri Krishna left this world which we will describe tomorrow at Prabhashetra that Murty of Krishna came into his kund and for many many long, thousand of years was under this want and it went into the mud.
Now there was a great ship merchant who was bring goods from Dwarka  to Sothern parts of India and in order to make his ship balanced he took large large blocks of gopi chandan from this kund and when he was going by Udpi, and Madavachrya, (this is 700 yrs ago) was sitting on the banks of the ocean doing meditation on Krishna and a storm came and the boat was about to sink and the captain of the boat saw Madvachrya there,  saw a sadhu, begged him for some blessings to save him and Madhava took his chadar and waved it and the storm stopped and then he direted it to come to the beach and the captain said that you have saved my entire fortune and you have saved my life I will give you anything you want any thing …or all of it. he asked where are you coming form and he said Dwarka.  Dwakra that is the only palace from where gopi chandan comes ,do you have any gopi chandan. he said Yes I have 2 big block of it . So give me that. So he brought out the 2 big block of chandan and the blocks cracked open. And in one there was deity of Udipi  Krishna  and one was the deity of Balaram .The deity of Balaram is sinstalled just near the ocen and the deity of Udipi Krishna in one of the most famous deities in all of the world was brought by  Madvacharya , no body could lift it. So many men were trying to lift it but they could lift it and Madva ealsiy put it on his shoulders and walked in the town what is now called as Udipi.
The gopis having nice water sports every day bathing together and dancing together and singing together here were then sent back to Vrindavan ….We know that the gopis they were  24 hours a day united with Krishna and in this way the vraj gopis taught us that we are never separated  from Krishna as long as we remember Him. Lord Chaitanya who was Srimati Radharani the queen of all Gopis who came to this world to teach us the sublime process of always remembering Krishna and chanting his holy names Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare 

Gopi Talao 
Rukmini Temple
About three kilometers outside Dvaraka, on the road to Bet Dvaraka, is the temple of Rukmini, Krishna's chief queen. The architecture of the temple is beautiful, and the walls are decorated with paintings of the pastimes of Rukmini and Krishna. The temple is said to have been built in the twelfth century.

Rukmini Temple

Nageshwar Mahadev temple of Lord Shiva
It is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas which are considered most  auspicious to worship and to have wonderful darshan. Long  ago there was a great devotee of Lord Shankar of the name Nagesh and he would make out of sand the Shiva lingas and worship at this beautiful place. But there was a very demonic person of the name Daraksura and he very much critised and condemned Nagesh of his devotion to Lord Shiva and one day in great anger he came to kill. At that time Nagesh tired to defend himself but was helpless against this powerful asura and just then Lord Shiva came out this simple sand linga and personally appeared and destroyed the demon and saved his devotee. And he gave a benediction to Nagesh that he would manifest himself in a form of a linga in this very place and he would fulfill all of his heart desires, which of course is simply love and devotion to His Supreme Lord .So since that time this self manifested Shiva linga Nageshwar Mahadev is worshipped by great personalities. Vaisanava  naam yatha Sambhu. It is exp in Srimad Bhagavatam  that the greatest of all literatures is the Srimad Bhagvatam, the greatest of all rivers is the Ganges and the geatest of all the Vaisanavas is Lord Shiva and the devotees  know that in order to approach Lord Krishna it is essential to get the blessing of Lord Shiva. Just as in Vrindavan we find Maharaj Vrishabanu  by worshiping Kameshvar Mahadev, it is explained  that Srimati Radharani was born as his daughter and Parjanya the grandfather of Lord Krishna in Nandagam, he worshipped also Lord Shiva and as a result Krishna became his grandson, the son of Nanada Maharaj . So the devotees in the mood of worship the great expansion of Lord Narayana is that we pray that by the supreme glorious mercy he grant us the proper consciousness to engage in pure devotional  service to Sri Sri Radha Krishna. Also in Vrindavan there is a Gopisvera Mahadev Mandir and all Brajvasis worship the divine form of Lord Shiva for the purpose of entering into the areana of loving devotional  service to Krishna.

Nageshwar Mahadev Temple

Big Deity of Lord Shiva outside Nageshwar Mahadev Temple