Underground Mystery

Underground Mystery:

Underground Mystery

The floor of the entire temple is covered by neatly cut rectangular rocks. These rocks are mostly plain, devoid of any carvings. If you tap on these rocks, it does not sound hollow. But, every certain number of rocks, there are square rocks with a lotus carved on them. If you tap on these “lotus rocks”, they sound hollow! This supports the theory that there are hidden, underground structures in the Madurai Meenakshi Temple. These “lotus rocks” could be secret gateways into underground passages or cellars. It is well documented that most Indian Kings had secret escape routes and hidden treasures underground.

The Rotating Lingam

The Rotating Lingam: On the ceiling between the Meenakshi and Sundarar Sanctum, you can spot the rotating lingam painting. The painting is done in style which depicts three dimensional objects on (2 dimensional) the ceiling. No matter which angle you see this lingam from, you will see that the spout at the base always points towards you. The painting was not recently done, but it is centuries old. It is merely being repainted every 12 years to look new. Nataraj statue

: Nataraj statue

Above: The Nataraja statue in Madurai Temple shows reversed leg positions Adjacent to Sundarar shrine, there is a deity of Nataraja (the dancing god), but with a twist. Nataraja normally has right leg on the ground and left leg raised. In this temple, he is doing the opposite.