How the Ganga became known as Jahnavi


Lord Nityananda along with other devotees entered Jannagara and they witnessed the beauty of the tapovana (hermitage) where Jahnu Muni resided. Lord Nityananda said, “This island, known as Jahnudvipa, is non-different from Bhadravana of Vraja-mandala. At this place Jahnu Muni performed tapasya causing Lord Gauranga to appear in front of him in His golden form. Here Jahnu Muni used to chant his Gayatrimantra as the Bhagirathi River was flowing near his asrama. Once, the muni’s acamana cup and spoon fell into the powerful river and were carried away by the strong current of the Bhagirathi. Jahnu Muni was furious and drank the entire Ganga. Naturally King Bhagiratha was disturbed by this and thought, ‘Where did Ganga disappear to?’ He became very worried when he came to know that Jahnu Muni had drunk all the water of the Ganga. King Bhagiratha then worshiped Jahnu Muni for some time to please him. Being pleased with the King, Jahnu Muni cut his thigh and let Ganga flow out from his body. Since then her name has been Jahnavi and she became famous as the daughter of Jahnu Muni.” Somewhere else it has been mentioned that the Ganga flowed from sage Jahnu’s ear.